Day 1: Do something different

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Hi Folks!

The date differently experiment started today!

I just sent the initial email out to the official signer-uppers…and I’m very excited the impending results.  This is what I wrote:

The main premise of this entire experiment is to create more genuine connections for you and to bust up any myths you may have about NOT connecting/getting what you want in the some areas of your life.

The fact that you signed up, shows that you are serious about doing things differently in 2012 and getting some different results.

I’ll be accompanying y’all too, and doing some updates of my little excursions on the

Most of the daily exercises will follow a format:

  • Goal
  • Awareness exercise
  • An activity
  • both will sometimes include a myth busting question/activity
  • Something you will DO differently that day to manifest what you ultimately want.
So, let’s rock out!
The hashtag on twitter for the challenge is #datedifferent.  I still have about 5 slots open, so invite a friend or two to join us!
Peace and Love,
twitter:  @godmenandmoney
I’m keeping sign-up open until tomorrow.  If you’re interested…come and get you some.  And see the .pdf attachment of the 1st exercise:  Day 1 dating challenge
Sign-up here:

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