5 Free or Low-Cost Dates

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A  #datedifferent participant recently asked:

“Any ideas for free or low cost dates to propose to a guy that wants to take you out but who you know just lost his job?”

My response to her is below.

1.  The Schomburg Center or the Dwyer Cultural Center or Harlem Stage

The Schomburg

Pros:  Always Great events:  I was introduced to Esperanza Spalding Here.  Good looking people:  Always a great thing in my book.  Culture:  What more do you want.

Cons:  Hecklers:  Black folks are rowdy sometimes.  I went to a recent discussion there:  Stage for Debate with Steve Stoute Danyel Smith and William Rhoden.  After a while, the crowd started heckling.  Interesting indeed.

See a listing of upcoming events at the Schomburg Here:  

The list of upcoming events at the Dwyer Center is Here

Harlem Stage’s events are Here. They have a pretty interesting, Tribe Called Quest weekend at the beginning of March.

2. Playing in the Park after a Big Snow.

Image from: http://www.urban75.org

One of my best NYC moments was years ago.  It was probably the worst snow of the season, and my guy friend indulged me and took me to go and play in it.  We hauled off to a park on the west, west side (read: not black) and stole some object people were using to slide down the hill and went ‘sledding.’

He went down, then I went down after. When I started sliding down hill, I unfortunately over corrected and  I plowed right over a middle aged white guy. He was pissed.  I shrugged sorry.  But I got some great laughs out of his ridculously red face.

So, I’m saying all of this to say…Go. Have fun.  But prepared to bust yo azz.


3. Food Trucks: i.e. Mexicue


Image from DNA Info

To see a list of the 7 best food trucks, according to CBS, go Here: 


4. Deal Sites/City Sites


New York Mag Events

Go online. Pick an event. And Go.  The best ones:  Urban Daddy & Gilt City  & NY Mag Events

On NY Mag you can sort by X<$10 or Free events.  Which I love.


5. Random LES Walk/Bar crawl

Image from: http://www.globalgraphica.com/

The dirty, nasty, odd LES has given me some of my best nights & days.  A random walk around the area will have you running into awesome restaurants, pubs, bars and places you never knew existed.  40 bucks spends like $400 dollars down there.  Make a pact to hit up 3 places and go exploring.


Got any more suggestions?  Send some over! And I’ll post them:  @godmeandmoney  or godmenandmoney@gmail.com



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