Looking for Guest Posters!

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Hi Folks,

Starting this month, I’m looking for guest posters.

What I’m looking for:
  • A personal story.  I LOVE PERSONAL STORIES.   The post can be about about spirituality, relationships, money, passions, pursuits, purpose, a struggle into identity or intimacy, your weight loss, your life.  Just make it good.   It should include 2 or 3 points about what you’ve learned, what you wish you knew, etc.  It must be reflective.
  • A response post.  Did I write something that you didn’t agree with? Why? Show me my blind spots, I like that. I want to know.
  • Amazing insights
  • You may not be a writer, but you may have a great story or opinion.  I’m less focused on how you write, and more on what you have to say.  I will be editing all posts.
What I’m not looking for:
  • Link bait
  • Lies…no seriously.
  • Response posts that are not well thought out or structured.
Here are examples of guest Posts I’ve Written:
  • Self Concept Thursday on Curlynikki.com  http://www.curlynikki.com/2011/01/self-concept-thursday_13.html
  • The Fresh Express:  3 things women say, men may misinterpret http://thefreshxpress.com/2011/02/these-3-things-women-say-men-may-misinterpret/

Send an email with subject line:  GUEST POST to godmenandmoney [@] gmail.com.  I’ll respond back to all emails, even if I don’t decide to go with that post for the week.   So don’t be shy, write me and send me something great.


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