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I came across this amazing article in Self Magazine entitled, “Know Your Worth and Get More” by Marjorie Ingall.  

Marjorie outlines that “Whatever the goal—getting a promotion, earning a higher salary or having more time—women often undervalue themselves”

She continues, “Men believe they’re worth a certain salary, and that it’s up to them to get that amount out of their employer, Laschever notes. Women think they’re worth what people are willing to pay. In other words, we let others determine our worth, whereas men set their own price.”

One of the reasons we let others determine our worth is because we’re “raised to be collaborative and primarily concerned with other people,” says Catherine Birndorf, M.D.

I found myself hmming and yessing to almost all of the article.  If you’re eyeing a promotion, looking at a new job, or wanting to make a change in your life–but you’re trying to figure out what you’re really worth–this article may provide just the boost you need.


To read the whole article click  –>  ::HERE::

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