Some Monday Morning Reads

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Happy Monday Folks,

Here are some good reads to start the week

1) You are probably wrong about you via the HBR {via}

The author lays out the argument that most of what you do/your motivations lie underneath your consciousness–and you are a bad predictor at understanding what motivates you.  I don’t agree with that, but there are some good spots.  Her thought is summarized below:

“Relying on our intuitions alone for self-knowledge is dangerous, because thanks to the nature of the adaptive unconscious, they are often no more accurate than a shot in the dark.”

“The problem is that the evidence — the kind gathered by scientists over the last thirty years of study of motivation and achievement — suggests that innate ability is rarely to blame for either succeeding or falling short”

2) The Two Steps to Make Good Ideas Happen {via}

The author talks about how Jesus’ ideas spread & some of the necessary things you can employ to get your idea off the ground.  (Also, read my post from last week about harnessing your ideas)

“When you have a good idea, its good precisely because it’s a unique twist on an old theme. This is an important nuance in all good ideas.”

3) Finding your still spot {via}

This goes in line with the post I wrote last week about getting quiet.     “Created by the Guggenheim Museum, this Still Spotting map allows users to upload their own peaceful places in that known mecca of tranquility, um, New York City.”

4) Just how powerful are you {via}

“The Social Era unlocks new doors of both who can contribute and what can be created, and thus changes the very source of power itself”

Is power that thing assigned by others? Is it about getting top grades in the right school, and having the right titles and rank at work? Is it about being born to the right parents, into the right gender, in the right country? Are you more powerful if you are on the top org chart, or less powerful if you’re at the bottom of the ladder? Do these external assignments define any of us as more or less powerful?

Or is power something that each of us manifests by knowing our purpose, applying it to what we create, and using that to define how we see ourselves in the world?

5)  How to ditch a dream {via psychology today}

…because sometimes giving up on a dream and re-routing is the best thing to do….




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