Old New Year

image (3)I woke up this New Year’s Day feeling anxious.  I didn’t fall into bed until close to 5am, but by 7:46am I was wide-awake and nervously pacing around my side kick’s house.

My crazy startled my groggy pal awake and my long face signaled I needed to talk.

I confessed over our coffee that the new year freaks me out and that I’m not one of those people who gets excited about ‘new beginnings’ and ‘fresh starts.’  Nope. I’m one of those people who ruminates on all of the stuff that didn’t happen in the previous year.


Later on that evening my girl’s husband invited us over for a vision board party.

But. This wasn’t your regular visioning party.  He kept it manly, so there were no magazines, poster board and glue sticks.  I’m always impressed by the men who “do”, but who also reflect on their lives, so I didn’t even complain that my board wouldn’t be a crafty master piece this year. We were given a big ole piece of paper and a magic marker.

Thinking about it now, it was really more of a reflection board party.  We pulled up the questions from Happy Black Woman’s Annual review and we all got to writing and discussing what worked, didn’t work in 2013 and what we wanted for ourselves and our souls in 2014. Like I mentioned the other day, we hard some hard times trying to figure out our achievements from the year. 

Next, we used The Reinvention Project’s Circle of Life worksheet to find out the areas of our lives that were out of balance and picked some themes for 2014. (My themes are connection and engagement).

Then we got to ‘reflecting boarding.’


image (2)I didn’t journal or reflect much in 2013. I couldn’t bring myself to confront myself. But. Anyway. The reflecting board party prompted me to pull out my old journals and see what I’ve said to myself previously on the new day of the new year.  I wanted to see if I felt so angsty on every New Year. And yup. I have.

(<— just a few of my journals) :-/

I looked at 12 years of books.  Reading my old entries, it was interesting to see the things and men that once, but no longer, dominated those pages.  To see my spiritual journey grow, halt, and restart. I learned I’m wrong, more times than I want to admit, and that isht is humbling as hell.   I balked at the list of things that I’ve asked for, worked for and received, only to discover I didn’t really want them. On the flip, I was happy to discover I captured my progressions and not just pains.

My take away from all of that reflecting and re-reading is this: It all comes together.  There is something to be gained by looking at your life. And, if something keeps recurring it probably means it’s not over or healed just yet.


Remixing the Vision Board

It’s vision boarding season.

And like last year, I had a vision board event that focused on intentions, inspiration and motivation–and less on gaining excessive ‘stuff.’ 

So last night, me and a few friends re-did our visions from last year [Previous Post].  One friend threw away her vision board from last year, much like the post here.  And wanted to start over again.

I remixed the purpose of the vision board party by suggesting different types of boards such as:

  • A Gratitude board
  • An Achievement board
  • A Purpose board
  • A “Stop doing/start doing board/list
To jog our memories about ‘what’ to put on the board, I pulled out Susan Jeffers’ Whole Life Grid as well as Paige Laight’s, Circle of Life. 
An explanation of the types of boards is below:
A Gratitude Board
This lists the things that you are most grateful for.   I had a very hard time calling forth and remembering the things that I should be happy for last year.  This type of board helps someone like me but pictures to the words I sometimes forget.
An Achievement board
These are visual reminders of the things that you are the most proud of [this could include things as big as an external award, or as internally affirming as getting over a bad break-up].
A Purpose board
This is a board that focuses on your purpose and calling and path and passion.  Includes pictures of what you’re good at or existing skills that you want to develop a bit more.
A “Stop doing/start doing board/list:

The start of the New Year is a perfect time to start a stop doing list and to make this the cornerstone of your New Year resolutions, be it for your company, your family or yourself. It also is a perfect time to clarify your three circles, mirroring at a personal level the three questions asked by Smith:

1) What are you deeply passionate about?
2) What are you are genetically encoded for — what activities do you feel just “made to do”?
3) What makes economic sense — what can you make a living at?

Those fortunate enough to find or create a practical intersection of the three circles have the basis for a great work life.

But what about the boys? Are vision boards for men? 

A male reader, or two, has wondered how they can make my challenges/activities tailored toward them.  

Now, I know most men aren’t going to get together, pull out their old GQ mags and glue cute pictures to cork board…but they can do lists.   If you’re a guy, you can use the guidelines above and make a nice little list in your composition book (because guys don’t keep journals) and it will be just about the same thing. 

Ok. Happy Envisioning!

Here are some pics:

Vision Board


Vision Boards


Gratitude Board | Achievement Board

Upgrading: Vision Board to Intention Board

“All the shorties have Oprah Walls” – guy friend of Lil Bit

Welp, most shorties I know do have Oprah Walls, a/k/a vision boards.  But, since it’s a new year, I decided to invite some of the ladies over to do some crafting, envisioning and to upgrade their Oprah Walls.

Now, I had a vision get together before–but I wanted this one to be different.

I wanted it not to be centered around ‘stuff.’

You see, while planning, I glanced at a board I made in 2007.  In no way, shape or form did it speak to my ‘now.’  Some of the stuff had come true.  But, big chunks of the visuals left me ice cole.

I decided to show it to my friends [to warn them on what-not-to-do].

They giggled. “It looks like you were only inspired by the Source or Vibe Magazine,” somebody said.  Truly, it’s theme was a straight up rap song “money, cash, cars, clothes [and H***].”


[An older post on Life Boards Here]

A Whole Life Box

I.  The Whole Life Box

An explanation:

Life is messy.  But if all of the pieces could fit into a box, it would DEFINITELY fit into Susan Jeffers “Whole Life Grid.”

I first came across the grid years ago while reading her best selling book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.

The “Whole Life Grid,” is:

The purpose of this grid is to think about your life and the areas that define it so that you live a rich, full life that also feels balanced with you in the driver’s seat. Ultimately, if you have nine areas that define you’re life, you can handle disruptions in one area more easily [Source]

The Grid can assist you in making your life multi-dimensional [for example, not defined only by work, kids, or a relationship]. It even challenges you to look at your life and to find the pieces that are missing.  Those missing pieces could hold the clue on why you may feel off-center, angry, anxious, etc.

Back to the Present:

So, I gave each friend a ‘Whole Life Grid.’  I encouraged them to find pictures, phrases, things that spoke to their whole life as they were sifting through the magazine pages.

II. Creating your Vision Board Intention Board

Many people hear the basic instructions—”Find pictures of things you want in your life and stick ‘em where you can see ‘em”—and create virtually identical collages: a wad of cash, a handsome husband, a gorgeous body, a luxury car, a tropical beach.


These images constitute our culture’s idea of the good life.

To really work, a vision board has to come not from your culture but from your primordial, nonsocial self—the genetically unique animal/angel that contains your innate preferences.

The board itself doesn’t impact reality; what changes your life is the process of creating the images—combinations of objects and events that will stick in your subconscious mind and steer your choices toward making the vision real. [From Martha Beck]

Intentioning and Crafting

I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction.  I do believe in the Law of Intention.

After I gave the ladies their little personalized Whole Life Grids, I asked them to be mindful of the pictures they picked, and to find images that made them feel good down in their bellies.   ‘

The end result?

Some amazing, essential soul, purpose driven Intention boards.

III.  Types of Boards

Not sure what type of board you want to create?  Well, Christine Kane outlined three types of board over at her site:

  • #1 The “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board (Do this vision board if)
  • You’re very clear about your desires.
  • You want to change your environment or surroundings.
  • There is a specific thing you want to manifest in your life. (i.e. a new home, or starting a business.)
  • #2 The “Opening and Allowing” Vision Board (Do this vision board if)
  • You’re not sure what exactly you want
  • You’ve been in a period of depression or grief
  • You have a vision of what you want, but are uncertain about it in some way.
  • You know you want change but don’t know how it’s possible
  • #3 The “Theme” Vision Board (Do this vision board if)
  • It’s your birthday or New Years Eve or some significant event that starts a new cycle.
  • If you are working with one particular area of your life. For instance, Work & Career.

Most of us crafted a #1  board.  But one of the gals said that she was going to do a #3 board, devoted strictly to her career.

Ok, wanna see the beautimus master pieces?  They are all my favorite.  Here they go.

Clean Cut Intention Board

Colorful Intention Board

Fulfilling Moments Intention Board

Artsy Intention Board

Get My Life Tight Intention Board

Toasting to Our 10s. The End.

Shoutout to Antoniathegreat, Followekc, Ellegee47, Morgan_wider, Autie, KelzBelz, QueensCouture & Sheeda for all of the Bubblegum and B.S. talk.  Y’all always make my heart smile. :-)  GIMME MY 10′S!!!!

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